About Kemptown Trading Post - Kemptown Trading Post
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About Kemptown Trading Post

The Kemptown Trading Post was created by Andrea Keenan back in 2010. Andrea came up with the idea of having a flea market with a cafe in the middle.  In May 2015, Hervé Guyat, owner of the New Steine Hotel & Bistro and Gulliver’s Hotel and Georges his partner, who have been Kemptown residents and business owners for the last 15 years, decided to take over the Kemptown Trading Post and Café. They saw it as the perfect opportunity for them to be under the same roof, but still doing their own thing.

Hervé wanted to go back to his roots, having previously worked for Valentino in the eighties, amongst other labels in London’s prestigious Bond and Sloane Street.  Eager to use his creative side, starting with a soft refurbishment of the decor and upgrade of some of the stalls, including vintage clothing and second hand designer clothes and accessories such as sun glasses, designer bags and shoes, all at very reasonable prices.

“Brighton and thriving Kemptown is the perfect place to express oneself in

the way we dress as can be seen in the eclectic and colourful characters you

see around. It reminds me of my time in London and has brought the fashion

back into my life. I am really looking forward to making Kemptown Trading

Post a fabulous place packed with exciting and unusual finds.”

Of course Herve has kept the collectables and antiques as it contributes a very big part of this unusual concept. You can find quirky objects, comfy chairs and the odd piece of furniture. It is a must visit as you are bound to let yourself be tempted by something for your home or to wear to that amazing party.