Unit L - Kemptown Trading Post
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Unit L

Unit “L”

‘To go bog é’ means ‘take it easy’. It is an Irish expression that reflects the style of the stall and the laid back atmosphere created by the Trading Post. In a relaxed environment, ‘To go bog é’ presents the discerning shopper with an assemblage of unusual and desirable clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories. New items are introduced each week and those who are regular customers will know that the stall is inexpensive as well as being unique.

‘To go bog é’ provides a range of clothes and fashion items from vintage to current all brought together by sisters Virginia and Geraldine Fraher.  The ethos of the unit has been inspired by the stall holder’s sister Anne-Marie, who was a well-known Cork based style icon and an accumulator of vintage clothes. Many of the clothes are from her extensive collection and the stall itself is a tribute to her exceptional creativity and flair. Her keen eye for fashion proved that style is most definitely something you grow into and that you can adapt to suit how you feel.

With pieces from the 40s, 50s and 60s, to contemporary and current fashion wear, the stall offers the keen shopper the opportunity to mix and match colours and shapes and thus create an individual look.  So why not seek a little inspiration and visit our shop ‘To go bog e’ at the Trading Post.

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